Thursday, July 26, 2007

Automatic Flush Courtesy Flush

Ok, you know everyone has to do it and sometimes it is in public. But those darn "Automatic Flush" toilets have a big issue.... it is called the "courtesy flush". It is virtually impossible to press the button without getting up (if you can find it) and that violates the optimum concept of the courtesy flush. So here is my simple hack of a solution. Lean to the opposite side of the sensor. This will provide the function of the courtesy flush but not be too obvious.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Everything you want to know about hacking the iPhone.

Ok, sources on the web are collaborating to develop a wiki for hacking the Apple iPhone (with the standard "for educational Purposes only" disclaimer). I might just get a iPhone except I have Verizon crap phone an service.

Now available.....
  1. Restoring your iPhone with a USB dump.
  2. Activation and activation hacks (loophole, 2 phone, activation server, pre-paid go phone plan).
  3. Taking the damn $229 to build $500 to buy iPhone apart (sorry it's overpriced).
  4. APIs available
  5. Firmware and misc programs written to help you hack.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Anyone want to hack a iPhone.

Anyone Ready to write a spoit? We now have access to the iPhone now all we need it physical access or Wireless access. How long till a remote expoit is ready. I am still looking. I know the is a 0day out there.


We managed to obtain and crack the hashs of the user passwords for the
iPhone OS.

The password for root is "alpine".
The "mobile" user accounts password is "dottie".

Is it sick to have root pasword to all iPhones worldwide? Well not really,
there is no terminal yet to login :P

Monday, June 25, 2007

Apple iPhone Exploit

Anyone want to make a sploit for the Apple iPhone.... it looks to be a very nice target. From the tech specs
it will contain bluetooth, wireless LAN 802.11 b/g, and cellular technologies. This leads me to believe that a effective virus could travel via the human user to infect a lot of devices upon it's path. To me it looks like it will be connected to the Internet all the time, since it looks like it is a Internet terminal that basically just uses voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP). It also sounds like these devices will not be shipping with any sort of firewall.
Even Gartner recommends that companies not adopt the iPhone because of it non-corporate friendliness.
Anyone got a zero day exploit for one of these bad boys yet. Apple and AT&T get ready for a new realm of security concerns.
Get ready for June 29.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Hidden USPS Mail Hack

This is a interesting one, I have unknowingly used this hack for some EBay Sales. the United States Postal System advertises on their Site that if you do not like something someone sent you unsolicited in the mail you have the option of:
  • Keeping it (if you like it)... finder's keepers.
  • Throwing it away
  • or marking it "Return to Sender"

Interesting enough the last option marking it "return to sender". I have had people mark return to sender on Priority mail boxes and they return back to me. Attach tracking to the item and you can track it both going and coming back.

It is not as good as the early eighties, when you could just reverse the sender with the return address and mail without a stamp and the postal service would deliver for free.

If you correspond with someone on a regular basis it may be of value. You may have to watch box weight.

You can also aggravate the credit card or sales ads you recieve by returning them to sender too.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Ford Headlight Hack

I old school hacked the headlights on my just out of warrenty 2003 Ford Windstar Minivan because the switch when turned to the headlight on position would not always turn off (causing a fun dead battery).

A new switch was going to cost at least $60.00 from a Ford Authorized Dealer. I was going to fix/rewire the switch ... figuring that it could only save me a nice dinner ($60.00) when I discovered it is actually a 5 position switch. The "Always On" positions are simply if the car is "ON" or started the headlights are on. Sort of Daylight running lights.

Simply put the you can hack it any way you want. I simply pulled the knob from the switch a little and it moved it to the always on head lights selection and pressed the knob back on the switch. If you want to go crazy you can remove the pieces of plastic on the plastic panel (behind the switch) and you do not have to pull it out.

video on YouTube.

Digg it -->

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Confirmed: Vista Activation Hack

I am starting to test Vista and the different flavors to determine a easy way of deployment. Unfortunately, from what I understand is that unless you have a key server then you cannot activate it in the corporate environment. And from what I understand All of the features are not active unless it is activated. Well I have found a way, along with others on the net. here is a link on how to activate Vista 32 bit.

After running the "Clony Auto Activator". Run ‘SLMGR.VBS -dlv’ to verify activation. voila..... activated.

I only use this for testing, as I am reimaging the PCs for learning. Microsoft will disable this soon... I would hope.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Ok, I am Finally blogging my H@cks.

I have been asked all the time "When are you going to start Publishing your hacks?" or "Do you Blog this shit?" or "where the f**K do you find this shit?". Well I am going to attempt to start posting my stuff. Enjoy.